Makers Chocolate


So I have this thing with chocolate…I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but chocolate is by far my biggest weakness. As I’ve gotten older and my metabolism has gotten decidedly less fast, I’ve tried to cut back on my intake of sweets, but chocolate is the one thing I still always have around the house. I try to limit myself to a piece a day max, just to satisfy my cravings, but sometimes I find a new brand or type of chocolate and go a little overboard. Can you say #cheatday?

My most recent chocolate discovery is Makers Chocolate. I was doing a little shopping at Nordstrom when my chocolate craving kicked in, so I grabbed a box of their Milk Chocolate Mints, not knowing what to expect. LADIES—let me just tell you, I will never eat an Andes Mint again, at least not without desperately wishing I was eating one of these nuggets of deliciousness instead.

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