Why I Love My Jade Facial Roller


Ok so I did it, I fell for the newest beauty craze, the jade roller. I know it looks like some weird alien instrument, but I’m going to tell you why I’m completely in love with it.

Have you ever been to a spa where they put the cucumber slices over your eyes? Lo and behold, there’s actually a reason for this—the coldness of the cucumbers is supposed to have a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect. A jade roller is basically the non-edible equivalent of cucumber slices, for your whole face (and neck).


Jade rolling has been practiced by Chinese royalty for centuries, in order to draw out negative chi, but has just recently gained widespread popularity.

Benefits include:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Reduce redness & inflammation
  • Assist lymphatic drainage
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines

Jade is a naturally cold stone, but I heard that storing your jade roller in the fridge could amplify its effects. I tried out my jade roller for a few weeks without putting it in the fridge, then switched over to the fridge, and I definitely prefer it colder.


I’ve been using my jade roller on my face and neck every morning and night after I wash my face. I use medium pressure all over my face and neck with the large end and use light pressure under my eye area with the small end.

Although the effects haven’t been drastic, I’ve noticed some. Namely, I feel way less tense and less puffy. Not to mention, I had a migraine the other day and this baby was a lifesaver—I used it to massage my forehead and the combo of cold + pressure really did the trick!

It’s safe to say my jade roller has become one of my favorite parts of my beauty routine!

Have you tried a jade roller? What tips do you have for a newbie? Let me know in the comments below!




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