The Perfect Gift: Tieks by Gavrieli


A little over a year ago, on my 35th birthday, my wonderful mom bought me a pair of Tieks by Gavrieli. If you haven’t heard of Tieks (which you probably have unless you live under a rock), they’re the Italian leather foldable ballet flats with bright blue soles, and they’re supposedly the most versatile ballet flats in the world. After a year of wearing Tieks, I feel like I can finally give my honest opinion of the famous blue-bottomed flats.

I started seeing Tieks pop up on my social media a couple years ago, but whenever I thought about buying them I would convince myself I didn’t need another pair of ballet flats to add to my almost outrageously large collection. Yes, I have a little bit of a shoe addiction, and that’s especially true when it comes to flats. I’ve tried so many different designer brands I’ve lost count, always in search for something both comfortable and chic. My mom will be the first person to call me out and remind me that I do NOT need more shoes. So when she presented me with box that contained my Matte Black pair, I was both excited and shocked! Apparently after years of hearing me complain about flats that killed my feet she went on a mission to find me the perfect pair, and Tieks were her answer.

So let me just tell you, Tieks’ presentation could not be more adorable. I was immediately impressed by the Tiek Blue box and embellished flower, but even more so by the handwritten note that came inside the box. I even kept the note, because I thought it was so sweet. Can you think of any other company that takes the time to write to every single one of their customers? I certainly can’t! Very cool, Tieks.

Ok so you’re probably wondering what happened when I actually put on my Tieks. Well I hate to disappoint anyone who was hoping for a magical fairy tale moment, but sadly my Tieks…did not fit. Tieks only carry full sizes (the natural leather is supposed to stretch and mold to your feet), and since I’m normally a 7.5, my mom went with a 7. Unfortunately, there was no amount of stretching or molding that was going to make my toes fit comfortably in the 7s. Luckily, I don’t give up that easy. I hopped on the phone with Tieks the next morning and I can’t praise their customer service enough!

First off, I was greeted by a REAL HUMAN, not an annoying automated robot voice. Second, the customer service rep I spoke with, Abby, was SO NICE and made exchanging my Tieks easier than I could have imagined. Since I knew the 7s were 100% the wrong size for me I opted for a gift exchange. Abby assured me that if the 8s didn’t fit either, I’d be able to return them for a full refund (back to my mom’s card) as long as they hadn’t been worn outside. Tieks emailed me a prepaid return label to send the 7s back, and as soon as they received them they sent the size 8 to me (again with free shipping), which, you guessed it, was the absolute perfect fit! Abby also let me know that—and this is really fantastic ladies—if you’re not positive which size will be the right fit, they’ll actually send you the other size (without charging you for it!), so you can try them on side by side. Then, you just send one pair back with the prepaid return label they provide. So easy! And this exchange policy applies whether you received them as a gift or bought them yourself. Obviously I didn’t need to use that option since I knew my 7s were too small, but I mean really, can customer service get any better than that?! I have yet to experience anything that comes close.

Here’s a few pics I’ve snapped on my phone over the last year wearing my Matte Black pair (as you can tell I wear them quite a bit):

It’s safe to say I’m in LOVE with my Tieks. They have molded perfectly to my feet, and believe it or not I’ve thrown out all my other flats! Ok fine, all but a few pairs that I’m just hoarding in the back of my closet because I can’t seem to part with them even though I don’t ever wear them…I may have a problem. Anyway the point is I’ve been living in my Tieks for the last year and they are everything they say they are and more. Comfy, stylish, durable—after a year of constant wear they still look almost new! While the natural leather of the soles has darkened a bit from wear, they don’t smell at all, which is a problem I’ve run into with other flats in the past. 

Needless to say, Tieks are the solution to all my ballet flat problems. (Thanks, mom!) So for my birthday this year, I planned to treat myself to a new pair. Tieks has over 50 gorgeous styles to choose from, which makes it a mission to decide on just one, but after a lot of hemming and hawing, I finally set my sights on Leopard Print. Then, a few days before my birthday, a package showed up at my door. Enclosed was THE CUTEST little mini Tieks box, with a gift card inside and note from my mom wishing me a happy birthday. Pretty sure I let out an embarrassingly high-pitched squeal of delight when I saw it.

I immediately called my mom to thank her, and she told me she wanted me to be able to pick out my own color this time around, so she’d opted for the gift card. After picking out my Leopard Print pair from the Boutiek, it took me all of 3 minutes to go through the checkout process and a minute later I had my confirmation email. And this is what really blew me away—within under an hour I got an email that my Tieks had shipped! Not kidding, my shoes shipped the same day I made the order. Props to you, Tieks.

Here’s a few pictures of my Leopard Print Tieks in all their glory:

It just so happens that a couple weeks after my birthday was my best friend’s baby shower. After hearing her complain of aching, swollen feet throughout her pregnancy, I knew I had to get her a pair of Tieks. She’d tried my size 8s on at one point pre-pregnancy, and I remember her saying they felt great, so I decided to get her Ballerina Pink (because she’s having a baby girl!) in a size 8. From my own experience I knew that if the 8s were too small, she’d have no problem at all exchanging them.

Fast forward to the shower—she saw the bright Tiek Blue box and her eyes completely lit up with excitement! Even though I knew exchanging them wouldn’t be a hassle for her if necessary, I still hoped they would fit right away. And guess what? Even with her swollen feet she said they felt like butter from the minute she put them on! And she refused to take them off the rest of the day. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’s worn them every day since. I’ve gotten lots of texts about how much she loves them and how amazed she is that her feet don’t ache in them. Cue me, internally giving myself a big pat on the back 😉

Of course I had my camera handy to snap a few pics of her opening her Ballerina Pink Tieks!

If it wasn’t clear yet, I think Tieks are an amazing gift to receive, and a super easy, super thoughtful gift to give. With the holidays just around the corner, Tieks are definitely at the top of my gifting (and wish) list. I’ve probably worn my Matte Black pair upwards of 150 times in the last year, which brings their cost per wear to around $1. And considering they still look like-new, that cost will be next to nothing with another couple years of wear. So, while they may be pricey ($175 a pop minimum), in my opinion they are 1000% worth the investment.

For those of you wondering, I did a little research on the Tieks website and they actually offer two other gifting options (besides just giving a pair or sending a physical gift card).

1. E-Gift Cards: These can be sent directly to someone’s email. If you’re in a time crunch (like you forgot the person’s birthday accidentally but don’t want them to know—we’ve all done that once or twice let’s be real) and don’t want to deal with shipping time, an e-gift card is a great option.

2. E-Gift A Pair: This feature is actually pretty awesome. It’s sort of like an e-gift card (because all you need is the recipient’s email address to send), but it’s more personal in the sense that you can pick out a specific pair. So if you think you know what color the person will like but don’t know either their size or home address, this is a perfect option. And of course, if the recipient doesn’t like the color you chose, they can always exchange for a different style.

So, let’s recap!

  • Tieks are amazing, luxurious, super comfy, chic, Italian leather ballet flats. And they fold up to be super compact—what more can a girl ask for?
  • Tieks’ craftsmanship is a cut above the rest—every pair is truly a work of art.
  • Tieks make great gifts to give and receive. I highly recommend adding them to your holiday wish list this year, if you haven’t already 😉
  • With four different ways to gift Tieks (physical pair, physical gift card, e-gift card, e-gift a pair), they really could not make it any easier.
  • Tieks’ unparalleled customer service and fabulous exchange policy (free shipping and no charge for exchange pairs) make it so easy to gift without being worried about sizing.

So hop online and check them out—you won’t regret it! Oh, and thanks for reading my novel of a blog post 🙂

Feel free to leave any questions/comments below, I’d love to hear what you all think of Tieks!

UPDATE: Treated myself to a Cardinal Red pair for Christmas! I wanted something festive for all the Christmas parties happening this month, as well as something I could wear year-round, so Cardinal felt perfect. When they came I did a little photo shoot under the tree—aren’t they festive?!

P.S. The best gifts are the ones you would buy for yourself 😉



51 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift: Tieks by Gavrieli

  1. Wow I couldn’t agree more. Gifted my 7 bridesmaids each a pair of Slate Grey Croc Tieks for my wedding and they all loved it! When our feet were screaming from being in heels all day, we all pulled out our blue bottomed shoes and what a relief 🙂 TIEKS SAVED MY WEDDING! Danced the night away with my hubby and girlfriends while a few of my other girlfriends limped around barefoot… I wish I could have passed a pair out to each of my lady guests, but we all know your girl can’t afford that. In a perfect world though 😉 Hope there’s lots of Tiek blue boxes under our tree this year! Did I mention that you don’t even have to wrap the shoes? They come in these beautiful boxes with a flower ribbon on top. Best gift ever.


  2. I told everyone that the only thing I wanted for my birthday was Tieks and I got exactly that. My mom got me a pair of obsidian blacks, my husband got me a pair of wild copper, and my best friend got me a gift card (that I will probably use very soon)! My obsession began after hearing my coworker brag about her collection (she has 7 pairs…). She caught me staring one day and asked if I wanted to try her pair on. I slipped it on and oh my, it was nothing like the Tory Burch flats I had on. They were actually comfortable! Tieks have this cushion in the back so it doesn’t suffocate my heels like most flats do. Couldn’t stop talking about Tieks after that and my husband probably got annoyed of me. Regardless, my Tieks are the best birthday presents I’ve ever gotten ❤ A pair or gift card each holiday doesn't sound like a bad idea…Great post, Jenn!


    • I love hearing people’s first time Tieks stories! Every time I hear someone converted from Tory Burch I feel like I’m part of a club that just got a new member 😉 Tieks really are just that good!


  3. What a great post! My best friend (Lisa) and I are both single moms, and the thought of spending $175 for a pair of shoes makes us both cringe. We have been encouraging each other to save for a pair of Tieks because so many moms rave about them at our kids’ school, but it’s tough being a single mom. I have two gift cards saved up and I think I’m going to buy Lisa a pair for her birthday next month. It seems like the right thing to do and I know she’s going to love them! Comfortable, durable, and stylish is just what Lisa needs. It’s going to be the best present ever and I’ll start saving again and soon enough, we will both be rocking Tieks!


    • What a nice idea for a friend! I’m sure she would be thrilled. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Lisa has the same idea for you this holiday, and you two can take shoefies together celebrating your new pairs 🙂


  4. Needed a last minute gift for my boss. Read your amazing blog post. Went over to Tieks to E-Gift a pair to her and it’s perfect! My boss loves the Tieks and the process was so easy.


  5. Sounds like a great gift! My 5 year anniversary is in January and I think my wife would love Tieks. She’s a nurse so she’s always on her feet. Do you know how long I will have to exchange them if they aren’t the right fit for her? Or do you think I should use the E-Gift option? Would love your advice!


    • My bridemaids never had any trouble exchanging their pairs. I think there’s no time limit as long as they’re in original condition. Hope that helps!


    • Hi Steven,

      What a great gift idea for your wife! Personally, I love receiving physical gifts, and since you know your wife’s size, I think placing an order is the way to go! Tieks will always take back pairs in their original condition, so as long as your wife wears them around the house for a bit first to make sure the fit is right, you should be all set! If she finds them uncomfortable around the house, she’ll be able to exchange them at any time as long as they haven’t been worn outside or show signs of extended wear. Let me know how the gifting goes! I can’t wait to hear her response 🙂


  6. I have a huge family and all 4 of my siblings coincidentally have daughters! My 6 nieces range from 16-25 and when I asked them what they wanted for Christmas this year, they all said Tieks…I totally think their moms put them up to it, but in the end, who doesn’t want Tieks?! At least this makes my Christmas shopping this year that much easier!


    • Hi Amanda,

      I’ve found Tieks have enough support for my foot, but if you’re looking for something extra, I have a few friends who were able to wear their Tieks with inserts and were really happy with them!


    • Hi Julie,

      It’s hard to say since every foot is different, but I’d recommend giving Tieks a try! They have a great returns and exchange policy, so as long as you only wear them inside the house while testing them out, you should be able to send them back if they don’t work out! Hope that helps 🙂


  7. I just got my first pair of Tieks. OH MY GOD! They are so comfortable and beautiful! I remember when ordering, I said that I was buying the most inexpensive pair just in case they were not for me. These shoes are so wonderful! They remind me of when I was a kid and I could not wait to wear my brand new shoes on the first day of school. I thought it would take a week or so to get them in the mail. They were in my mailbox in a couple of days. I’m so excited, I can wait to get another pair. I understand what Oprah meant by Tieks are one of her most favorite thing. They are truly mine!!!


  8. I am considering getting my first pair but i was worried about them smelling. I saw that you said that hasn’t been an issue for you, do you wear those little slip on socks with them or wear them sockless?


    • I’ve always worn my Tieks with bare feet, but I know some women choose to wear them with no show socks. I think it’s up to the individual 🙂 You could always try wearing them both ways to see which you prefer. Let me know what you decide to try – I’d love to have extra feedback for other readers! 🙂


    • Hi Bonita,

      I’d recommend giving Tieks a try! I’ve heard rave reviews from friends of mine with similar issues, and if they don’t end up working out for you, Tieks has a great returns policy! Hope that helps 🙂


  9. I have a question, I suffer terribly with diabetic nerve pain in my feet, at times I am even unable to walk the pain is so bad, does anyone know how they would work with my situation. I know squeezing the toes together would kill me but that sole sure looks comfortable to walk on. I usually don’t spend as much on a pair of shoes but would gladly pay $175 to be comfortable and actually wear a shoe that is not embarrassing in public and can be worn with a dress or Capri’s unlike crocks the only shoe I have been able to wear for the past 3 years.


    • Hi Apryl,

      I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through! I can’t speak to nerve pain specifically, but I’ve heard so many stories of women who were convinced they could only wear one type of shoe and fell in love with Tieks. I’d really recommend giving them a try! If they don’t work out for you, Tieks has a really great returns policy.


  10. So I’m that person living under a rock lol where have I been grr!
    What a great story you have me sold on these.
    You should get some kick back what an amazing job you did. I can’t wait to get my own pair
    Thank you again,


  11. I read your blog and I loved all the details! I’ve really been concidering buying myself a pair but they are so pricey … however, all the reviews I’ve read say that they are a great investment. My biggest problem with flats are the back of the shoe, most of they time they rub and scratch the back of my feet or they are too tight (I have chunky feet =\)

    I loved all your pictures and your leopard print was by far my favorite! Xoxo


    • Hi Daisy,

      They really really are a great investment. Also, since the back is cushioned, I’ve never had issues with rubbing like I have on other flats! I’d say give them a try 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what you think when you try them for yourself. If you’re concerned about them being too tight, you can always go up a size!


  12. Tieks are AMAZING! I have skinny, flat feet, and long toes. My dad owned a shoe store growing up so I had access to every style of shoe. Tieks are the first ballet flats I have ever been able to wear! I have had tons of others but nothing feels better than Tieks! I bought the camel and love them and I am purchasing the matte black next month for my birthday. I have a list of colors I want to buy. I don’t think I will ever wear any other shoe!


  13. It looks like all your pairs have a long toe box, hiding all your toe cleavage, but is what I love, but mine have never been like that… did you request them specially long??


  14. Hi, I walk on the outside of my heels. Do you think Tieks would be great for me? I’m considered about the soles wearing out quick.


    • It’s hard to say for sure since every foot is different, but since Tieks have thicker soles than most flats, I’d imagine they could work really well for you! I’d suggest giving them a try. If they don’t work out, Tieks has a great returns and exchanges policy! I hope that helps 🙂


  15. If you are a 10 wide what size should I get? I really want to try them but a little Leary that they won’t fit me 😕


    • Hi Tammy,

      Tieks do stretch, and since you’re a full size I’d suggest sticking with your normal size! If they don’t work out, you can exchange them for a size 11 and try the two pairs side by side 🙂 I hope that helps!


  16. Thank you for all the information you’ve included, Jenn. I have been thinking about buying a pair since I first saw them FOUR years ago. lol After reading about your experience, I’m going for it! My 43rd birthday is this coming Friday, and I am going to treat myself. I have a connective tissue disorder in which my body is collapsing upon itself, so needless to say, I suffer from chronic pain, especially from my lower back-down; my feet bear the brunt of it, with nerve issues, ligaments giving way- causing fallen arches, as well as pain, but I have hope with trying this shoe. The ordering and exchange processes sound super easy, and from all the comments above, well worth every penny. Even the notecard you received says a lot about this company; it’s one I’d be happy to do business with. And I know my 16 year old daughter Tallulah will wind up wanting her own pair for when she’s not on the tennis court, as soon as she tries mine. lol Again, thank you for your amazing review and your kind and helpful replies to others. 😊

    namasté. 💜


    • Hi Michele,

      Please please let me know how they work out for you! I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way, and can’t wait for you to be an official member of the Tieks fan club! I hope you have a wonderful birthday 🙂


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