Bottega Louie = Macaron Heaven


Every couple months I make a trip out to LA to see my sister. She went to UCLA for college and loved the city so much she never left. I’ve lost count of the number of times she’s tried to convince me to move down there. While I’d love to be closer to my sister I just know the big city life isn’t for me. I’ve always felt most at home in small, quiet places like Carmel, with lots of nature around me. With that being said, LA less than a 6 hour drive from me, and I absolutely love visiting the city.

A while back my sister and I made a pact that every time I came down she would take me to at least 3 new places. My most recent trip was just a couple weeks ago, and we visited my version of heaven—Bottega Louie.

Bottega Louie is a restaurant, café, and patisserie (bakery) in downtown Los Angeles, or as everyone in LA refers to it, DTLA. We stopped by to check out their famous macarons before I headed back to Carmel, and they did not disappoint!

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